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Musiktitel im Clip: A Leaf In The Wind, Dank an sowie Simon Volz

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Riddim Echoes (4:32)
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Uplifting Experience (3:12)
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Sweet Waltz (2:58)
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Information about Royalty Free Music

What is royalty free music?

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music generally refers to pieces of music that can be used without reference to a performing rights society (such as GEMA in Germany, for example, or SUISA in Switzerland). All composers who contribute to the ALLESGEMAFREI music catalogue have not signed a collecting agreement with a performing rights society such as GEMA, SUISA, AKM etc.

How this benefits you: Depending on the license model, you only purchase the music once, at an affordable price and in an easy way directly from the composer. You do not have to pay anything else for the use of royalty free music from our catalogue.

The Use of Royalty Free Music

Where is royalty free music used?

Royalty free music can be used wherever music is performed in public. Our music is most often used in image or product videos, but also in waiting rooms, prerecorded telephone messages or YouTube videos. It can be used for a sheer unlimited number of purposes. That is why our music catalogue contains a particularly broad spectrum. We want to make sure that we have the right soundtrack for even the most unusual projects.

How this benefits you: No more endless searching. We have the right sound for even the most unusual ideas. This saves time and makes the whole process easy.

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How legally is royalty free music?

How legal is the use of royalty free music?

All titles in our music catalogue are 100% royalty free; they can be used legally and their use complies with the law. All authors that contribute to our music catalogue have no agreements whatsoever with a national or international performing rights society. Each order will be accompanied by a license document that confirms your right to use the material.


How this benefits you: We offer you a legal and extensive music catalogue in best sound quality. A reliable music partner means that you can spend more time on your project.

Individual music composition

Individual music composition

Music is an important key that unlocks emotions and makes an important contribution to the atmosphere of a movie, image video or advert. Our aim is to match sounds perfectly to images to get your message across as clearly as possible.
With our extensive experience and broad spectrum of music, we can realize your music ideas - fast, professionally and in the required audio format. Royalty free, of course.

How this benefits you: A customized audio-visual message that perfectly matches your project establishes an emotional relationship, for instance with your brand.

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