Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a license?
You will receive an email containing the invoice and license in PDF-format after the purchase has been completed. This document is your proof that the music title is free from the restrictions of any society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights and should therefore be kept in your files.
You will need the program Adobe Reader in order to read PDF-documents on your computer (available for free download here:

How do I get the music?
If you have not downloaded the songs right after the purchase on the confirmation page, you will reach the downloads from your account. Sign in using your email and password on the main page by clicking Login at the top of the page. Then go to Your Account to access all orders and downloads. You receive the title as a download of a MP3 or WAV file (Zip). Zip files can easily be extracted with the freeware 7-Zip. Our MP3 files have very high quality and are encoded at 224 kbit/s. The WAV files are encoded at 44.1 khz in 16 or 24 Bit.

I’d like to purchase music at the request of a client. Can I do this?
Yes! You have the option to enter the licensee (name and address of the client) during the purchase process. The invoice will be sent to you and the license will be issued in the name of your client. All data will be treated confidentially and will not be distributed to third parties. (See Privacy Notice)

What do the Rights of Use allow?
You are allowed to use the purchased title(s), depending on the license purchased, as follows:

Sound System License
· For sound broadcasting (e.g. trade shows, expositions, waiting rooms, sales floors, etc.)

Standard License
For the following uses:
· Private Internet Site
· Sound Broadcast
· Telephone (“Music On Hold”)
· Non-commercial Podcast
· Game (Freeware)
· Private Video
· Presentation (e.g. PowerPoint)
· Web Radio
· Analog or digital reproduction of up to 500 copies (Private copying, e.g. for sound broadcast or for demos. No commercial copies possible.)
IMPORTANT: The distribution of commercial videos, Corporate videos, product videos, CDs, DVDs, downloads, and the presentation of any commercial material on Internet sites, YouTube and similar video-sites, and to add our music to a commercial website is not allowed with the Standard License.

Profi License
For the following uses:
· Trade Show or Corporate Video / Multimedia Presentation
· Internet Site (public / commercial)
· Video (e.g. for companies, schools, clubs, churches)
· Video seminar / online congress
· Editorial TV Report
· App (up to 10.000 Downloads)
· Public Viewing
· Product Video
· Audiobook (up to 5000 copies)
· Commercial Podcast
· Regional Radio Advertisement
· Television Documentary (national)
· Analog or digital reproduction of up to 5000 copies

XL License
For the following uses:
· Product- or corporate video in different language versions
· Television Documentary (international)
· Regional Cinema / Television Commercial (up to one (1) year)
· App (up to 20.000 Downloads)
· Internet Commercial / Campaign
· Radio Jingle
· Analog or digital reproduction of up to 10.000 copies

XXL License
For the following uses:
· National Radio or Cinema Advertisement (up to one (1) year)
· National TV Advertisement (up to one (1) year)
· Cinema Production
· TV Production (TV Film)
· Analog or digital reproduction of up to 25.000 copies

Each larger license package includes the benefits of the previous lesser packages. Any further use beyond these license packages requires an individual agreement.
We gladly accept questions regarding types of use not included in this list. Contact Form

Can I incorporate a music title into my project?
Yes. You are allowed to extend, shorten, cut, and add fade-ins or fade-outs to the music titles. Conversion into another file format is also allowed. A new rearrangement of the music title with the addition of a new recording, or in the form of a remix, etc, is only allowed with individual permission.

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